Dee Dee Mak Sweet Elephant

When going to Thailand there are the beaches, Bangkok and the countryside to fit onto the schedule. While in the countryside what activities should one partake in... Elephant Trekking of course. 

When reviewing the many many companies that offer elephant trekking in the Chiag Mai area alone there are a few key factors we took into consideration:

  1. treatment of the elephants
  2. the setting/living conditions
  3. the cost
  4. does Jess get to get a juicy elephant kiss
  5. bath time

After extensive research Gil found a company we could morally feel comfortable booking our one day trekking experience with, Baan Chiang Elephant Park, located about 30-45 minutes outside of the city center. One motto for this travel journey has been no regrets, it was a once in a life time experience but Jess still left feeling sad for the elephants who aren't able to roam free throughout the jungle as nature intended. A new found love for Jess has been elephants after she got the juiciest kiss of her life. 

Jess' Sweet Kiss (Click image to view more photos of our special day)

Jess' Sweet Kiss (Click image to view more photos of our special day)

*Please do research when choosing a company, proper treatment of wildlife is vital to the planet thriving for 100's of years to come. We found this article very informative.