Our First Homemade Meal in Chiang Mai

One of the biggest challenges traveling in South East Asia is that there is no need to cook. Amazing local food is available around every corner and for cheap. So when our friends, Ethan & Olivia (Blog can be found here), were traveling in Chiang Mai & interested in going to a cooking class I was thrilled. 

We choose Red Chili Cooking School.  After touring a local farmers market learning about all the ingredients that we would be using we took a short ride out of the hustle and bustle of the city center to the owners lovely outdoor kitchen setup. 


Jess' Pad Thai in the Land of Smiles (click image for more photos)

Each with our own cooking stations & a cold beer in hand we made the following dishes:

Tom Kha or Tom Yum

Pad Thai

Fresh Red & Green chili paste & Curry

Fried Chicken & Veggies

To complete the amazing evening we were lucky enough to light a wish lantern, a symbolic process in which you all hold a white lantern, lighting the center which fills the lantern with hot air, once the lantern is filled with enough air you let it go and it floats into the sky above. While letting go you make a wish. Gil being the romantic he is believes that the lantern becomes a star, forever above for us to remember our wishes that have hopefully come true or keeps us believing if they haven't.