Dublin in 36 Hours

Handing With The Band

Due to Gil's extensive travel as a consultant and superb travel coordination skills I get to take a 2 week journey throughout Ireland and Sweden with two of the most important ladies in my life, my beautiful Nanny and by incredible sister. 

Dublin was the first stop on our journey and with only 36 hours to explore we instantly took the town by storm by taking a long nap! Once we were refreshed we ventured out to the bustling streets of the Temple Bar and were delighted to meet extremely kind locals.  We already  feel like part of a huge Irish family that are warm and friendly. 

No trip to Dublin is complete without a trip to the 6 story Guinness factory that is shaped like a pint glass and has something for every sense. 

After having my first pint of Guinness we wandered around town checking out old buildings and visit an art museum. But the real fun started when we went to see an Irish band and some traditional Irish dancing at the pub located around the corner from our hotel!

Here's a little sample of the awesome dancers and the band jamming one of my fav songs of the summer.