J&G Wedding

On June 22nd, Gil & I were wed atop a small hill in Los Angeles surrounded by the people we love. We were blessed with a full 'super' moon, flowing wine, and love in the air. From the great eats provide by Kitchen12000, mind blowing DJ sets by WesLee @ Red Shoe LA and the incredible vows written by Gil, it was truly the most magical day of my life to date. 

For a glimpse at the enchanting event we welcome you to view our video below. 

Photography by the incredible Ali & Noel - Peace 4 Art Photography 

Makeup by magician Simone Closson 

Lighting by Ambiance Pros

Flowers by Jasmines Gardens 


Today when we went to get the mail I thought to myself "great. more junk mail from Wells Fargo regarding a bank account I closed 1 year ago". To our delight the mailbox was filled with RSVP's to our wedding! So far we are 6 for 6 YES'S!! 

When Gil's face lit up and he pulled me close the reality hit me. We are getting married!! And we are lucky enough to have the opportunity to share this special time in our lives with our closest friends and family. Off to Lumineers feeling on top of the world

Only 64 more sleeps!

jess gil rsvp.JPG