K'gari (Fraser Island)

Four years ago my sister and I brought my Nanny (Grandma) to Australia. As we reached the Brisbane leg of our trip we were hit with one of the worst rain storms the coast had seen. As a result we cancelled our time in Fraser Island and jetting north to Cairns. 

This time Fraser, known to the Aboriginals as K'gari, was one stop that I would not miss. Luckily for me two of the popular island attractions are off road 4-Wheel driving & catching a glimpse of dingos, very easy activities to get Gil amped up. Before I knew it we were on a ferry that literally dropped you on a sandy road. For 3 days we didn't see one patch of pavement, one single bar of cell service or a frown. It was pure beauty, excitement & history.

The Dropbear Adventures Family was the backbone behind this incredible trip. From the crew to the vehicles to the extensive knowledge of the island we felt like VIP explorers the entire time. 

Explore K'gari  

Explore K'gari 

Im on a boat, Im on a boat, Im on a boat Mutha F***a!

Who hasn't dreamt of life on the open sea? Sails blowing in the wind, breathtaking sunsets & complete freedom. 

Each feeling like a boss in our own way we hung topside in the hot tub, drink in hand, dreams becoming reality for 3 short days & nights off the coast of Queensland, Australia. Just miles off the coast of Airlie Beach hovering above the Great Barrier Reef on a luxury catamaran with an experienced crew  & access to unlimited dives was a true pleasure. An added plus were the white sandy beach of Whiteheaven on Whitsunday Island, the heeps(one of my new favorite words learned in Aussie) of floating turtles & the fellow drivers.

Speechless(Click image to see all the photos from our trip)

Speechless(Click image to see all the photos from our trip)

Melbin (Melbourne to you tourists)

Our first stop in Aussie was the artsy town of Melbourne. Filled with quaint little alley ways, graffiti filled streets and loads of free museums. After a day of lounging about we grabbed a handful of self guided walking tour pamphlets and hit streets. The nooks & crannies of this hip city reminded us of home & we discussed often moving to this vibrant youthful city.