New Zealand

Jess' NZ Top 5

Jess NZ Top 5

  1. Hot Water Beach - Self made hot tub on a beach under a starry night sky with a bottle of wine (although I am sure they would be amazing anytime of day)
  2. Farm Stay with Lisa & Aaron  - Please check out their profile on HelpX if submerging yourself in farm life and education on proper animal treatment is of an interest. Aaron mixes up a mean home brew & Lisa is always creating an amazing meal.
  3. 4Day/3Night Otago Rail trail biking tour
  4. Zorbing with OGO down the twist
  5. The People. The Land. New Zealand is by far the friendliest place on earth. No scientific evidence to support why but I assume its due to being surround by more natural beauty then I thought was ever possible.


Tour De Otago

The Otago Central Rail Trail is an experience that can't be missed if your visiting the south island of New Zealand. After taking a historic train from Dunedin to Middlemarch we rented our slick rides from Cycle Surgery

Below is a brief review of our journey in words & numbers:

Day 1 - Hyde Disaster Memorial Cairn to Waipata - 31km - 2:32 hours - 12.5km avg. 

Highlight: A black and white bird, yet to be named, dive bombed Gil 

Day 2 - Waipata to Oturehua - 34.49km - 3:59 hours - 8.6 avg. - EXTREME wind

Highlight: Seeing all stages of sheep giving birth + overcoming the headwinds & brief rain to enjoy an incredible burger & jug of local beer 

Day 3 - Oturehua to Omakau - 32.32km - 2:12 hours - 14.7 avg. -

Highlight: Poolburn Gorge Tunnels &  Viaducts

Day 4 - Omakau to Clyde - 38.7km - 2:34hours - 15.2 avg. - 13k Wind

Highlight: 2 flat tires, hoards of Magpies (previously unknown bird, we feel This article explains them best) on the attack, & finally being able to wear shorts & a tank top!

The Ride in Photos

The Ride in Photos