Tour De Otago

The Otago Central Rail Trail is an experience that can't be missed if your visiting the south island of New Zealand. After taking a historic train from Dunedin to Middlemarch we rented our slick rides from Cycle Surgery

Below is a brief review of our journey in words & numbers:

Day 1 - Hyde Disaster Memorial Cairn to Waipata - 31km - 2:32 hours - 12.5km avg. 

Highlight: A black and white bird, yet to be named, dive bombed Gil 

Day 2 - Waipata to Oturehua - 34.49km - 3:59 hours - 8.6 avg. - EXTREME wind

Highlight: Seeing all stages of sheep giving birth + overcoming the headwinds & brief rain to enjoy an incredible burger & jug of local beer 

Day 3 - Oturehua to Omakau - 32.32km - 2:12 hours - 14.7 avg. -

Highlight: Poolburn Gorge Tunnels &  Viaducts

Day 4 - Omakau to Clyde - 38.7km - 2:34hours - 15.2 avg. - 13k Wind

Highlight: 2 flat tires, hoards of Magpies (previously unknown bird, we feel This article explains them best) on the attack, & finally being able to wear shorts & a tank top!

The Ride in Photos

The Ride in Photos