First Sights of the Country Side

Enroute to the Paihia (Bay of Islands) via Naked Bus ( beware there are NO washrooms aboard) 

Auckland was O.K. but the second the bus crossed a couple bridges and we reached the outer city I was instantly awakened. The beautiful countryside was lush with rolling green hills. The sheep, cows, and romantic farm cottages are exactly what I had envisioned of my time in New Zealand.  

After 5 hours on a bus with no toilet (Naked Bus is cheaper than the alternative but not cheaper enough for no bathroom) we are at Paihia, the gate way to exploring the Bay of Islands. Its the most beautiful day of our trip so far and we enjoy a walk around the small town. The next day we had to Shippy's for some Fish & Chips.  

For our last day in the area decide to take a boat cruise around the islands. Our beautiful weather hasn't lasted and the trip is an amended version "for safety" & we are bundled up in our rain coats. With one hours remaining of our four hour trip we happen upon a pod of dolphins of all ages & sizes. For 30 minutes nothing can keep us inside the boat & we enjoy embrace life in the wild.