Help X Success!!

 We were lucky enough to spend the last ten days with two of the most lovely hosts (Lisa & Aaron), 1 Coppa (awesome farm dog), 3 rams & adult pigs, 5 cows, 7 piglets, 20 ducks, 26 chickens & an abundance of organically flourishing vege gardens. 

While on the farm we completed the following tasks:

  • snuggle with the piglets
  • prepare the garden beds for spring
  • cuddle with Coppa
  • weeding
  • lounge with the cows
  • build a staircase out of tires
  •  rub piglets until they actually tip over
  • feed animals daily

After working an enjoyable four hour day, none of which was in front of a computer, we were treated to some of the best meals of our lives. That's right! Super fresh, from the earth, and made with love.  

If we could sum up our stay in one word it would be confirmation. Confirmation that buying a block of land and being self-sufficient is our ultimate goal for ourselves and our future family (of animals & baby Gils/Jess')

Browse some (not enough to do the awesome block justice) photos.